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The Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize for Literature is granted not for a single book, but for an authorís entire body of work, and hence usually goes to a well-established writer.

The Nobel Prize

Imre Kertesz, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2002

The announcements are made in October of each year.  The festivities are held, over a number of days, in December.   The ceremonies start with a press conference with the Nobel Laureate in Literature.  Then there is the Nobel Lecture in Literature.  The Nobel honors end with the Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony and Banquet.

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Each Nobel Laureate receives a medal, a diploma and a prize amount (2000 awards were approximately 1 Million US Dollars per full prize). The diplomas, I find, are the most interesting of the honors received.  Each one is individually designed to convey the essence of the recipient.  The body that bestows the award is responsible for the design of the diplomas.  Hence, the Swedish Academy determines the design of the diplomas given to the Literature Laureates.  The "Swedish" diplomas overall have the same text, in the Swedish language.  This text  states to whom the Academy is presenting the award and includes a citation explaining how they were chosen.

The diplomas given to the Literature Awards winners always have an individual design related to that Laureate.  The artists strive to summarize the character of the winner's body of work. The artists really do not have all that much time considering the announcements are made in October and the ceremonies are in December.

Nobel Prize in Literature Diploma Artists:

1901 - 1911   Agi Lindegren

1912 - 1918   Olle Hjortzberg, Nils Asplund and Josef Svanlund

1919 - 1962   Bertha Svensson (1938 on Bertha Svensson-Piehl)

1963 - 1988   Gunnar Brusewitz

1989 -             Bo Larsson

Each Nobel diploma is a unique work of art. The Literature diploma is painted on parchment, i.e. specially treated leather, using largely the same technique as those of medieval book illustrators. The diplomas given to the other Laureates are produced on specially ordered handmade paper.

How the Nobel Laureates are Chosen  

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The Nobel Prize

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