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Nobel Prize for Literature Laureates

Imre Kertesz, of Hungary, has been awarded The Nobel Prize for Literature 2002

Nobel Prize

Alfred Nobel

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How The Nobel Winners Are Chosen

2001 V. S. Naipul, Great Britain (born in Trinidad 1932) | Works  English

About the Nobel Prize in Literature

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Nobel Prize Lectures Available in Print

Samuel Joseph Agnon: Biography  Nobel Lecture

2000 Gao Xingjian China, Drama and Prose (1940-) Language: Chinese  Nobel Lecture Works in Translation

1999 Gunter Grass Germany, Fiction (1927-) Language: German Nobel Lecture  The Works of Gunter Grass

1998 Jose Saramago Portugal, Fiction (1922-)  Language: Portuguese Nobel Lecture  The Works of Saramago

1997 Dario Fo Italy, Drama (1926-) Language: Italian Nobel Lecture  The Works of Dario Fo

1995 Seamus Heaney Northern Ireland, Poetry (1939-)  Language: EnglishNobel LecturePoetry by Heaney

1993 Toni Morrison (pseudonym of Chloe Wofford) United States, Fiction (1931-) Language: English  Nobel Lecture Works of Toni Morrison

1992 Derek Walcott St Lucia, Poetry and Drama (1930-) Language: English  Nobel Lecture Works by Derek Walcott

1991 Nadine Gordimer South Africa, Fiction (1923-) Language: English Nobel LectureThe Works of Gordimer

1986 Wole Soyinka Nigeria, Fiction and Drama (1934-) Language: English Nobel LectureWorks of Wole Soyinka

1983 William Golding Britain, Fiction (1911-1993) Language: English Biography | Nobel Lecture | List of Works

1984 Jaroslav Seifert Czechoslovakia, Poetry (1901-1986) Language: Czechoslovakian Nobel Lecture  Works of Seifert Translated

1979 Odysseus Elytis (Odysseus Alepoudhelis) Greece, Poetry (1911-1996) Language: Greek Nobel Lecture  Works in Translation

1976 Saul Bellow USA, Fiction (1915-) Language: EnglishNobel LectureWorks

1974 Eyvind Johnson Sweden, Fiction (1900-1976) Language: Swedish (shared award) Works of Eyvind Johnson

1974 Harry Edmund Martinson Sweden, Fiction and Poetry (1904-1978) Language: Swedish (shared award)  The Writings of Harry Martinson

1973 Patrick White Australia, Fiction (1912-1990) Language:  EnglishAutobiographyPress ReleaseBibliography

1969 Samuel Beckett Ireland, Fiction (1906-1989) Language: EnglishBiographyNobel Prize Presentation - Press ReleaseBibliography

1963 Giorgios Seferis (pseudonym Giorgos Seferiadis) Greece, Poetry (1900-1971) Language: Greek  Nobel Lecture The works of Seferis are Out of Print Find them Here

1962 John Steinbeck United States, Fiction (1902-1968) Language: EnglishNobel Acceptance Speech  |  John Steinbeck Novels and Short Stories | Biography

1954 Ernest Miller Hemingway United States, Fiction (1899-1961) Language: EnglishNobel Acceptance SpeechBibliographyPrize PresentationBiography

1950 Bertrand Russell Great Britain, Philosophy (1899-1961) Language: EnglishNobel Acceptance SpeechBibliographyPrize PresentationBiographyRussell's Paradox

1949 William Faulkner United States, Fiction (1897-1962) Language: English | Two time winner of both the National Book Award and The Pulitzer Prize for Literature and, also, chosen as a  Nobel Laureate.  He has had the honor of an award, The PEN/Faulkner, being named for him.  Nobel Acceptance Speech | Works by Faulkner

1948 T. S. Eliot (Thomas Stearns Eliot) United States-Britain, Poetry (1888-1965) Language: English | Nobel Lecture Literature 1948 | Works by T S Eliot | Biography

1938 Pearl S. Buck (pseudonym  Pearl Walsh née Sydenstricker) United States, Fiction (1892-1973) Language: EnglishNobel LectureAcceptance SpeechPearl S Buck Works | Biography

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