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Ok, I have been working hard for a few years on this site and now it is time to have a bit of fun!

Entry Rules and guidelines | Vote for the 2003 Winner!

A contest. Supply a humorous response, by June 17th, to the following (actually received) letter:

"Dear Sir!

   I must know why it is that I, who is so very deserving, has not as yet won the Nobel Prize. You must pick me! No one is as great a writer as myself! No one.  Be sure to make me the next Nobel Prize laureate.

  I thank you and I am sure that I will win the next Nobel! Unless it is fixed and fraudulent, of course!

John/Jane Smith, author of the greatest novel ever written Why Pigs are Penned" (name and title changed to protect the guilty) Send your entry to: Literature Awards Contest

Rules: two basically. You can make up the letter (it must be ridiculous - believe me, I have probably received whatever you could dream up) or use the one above and submit, by June 17th, 2003, what you feel is an appropriate reply (it must be ridiculously funny). Send to: Literature Awards Contest. Oh, rule three: Do not call me Sir!

I am the Queen of My World. So, I have added an addendum: Call it rule four if you wish. If you take the fun of this (the word 'petty' comes to mind) you will be disqualified. This rule is retroactive! It is good to be Queen!

The best letter and/or reply (funny, to the point but never rude!) will garner the author a lovely Literature-Awards coffee mug, the large one! My largesse is impressive, no?

Alternative option: buy your own mug (Literature Awards Shirts, Mugs and stuff) and imply that you have entered and won!

The best entries will be posted (feel free to vote) on this site weekly. The next winner will be announced June 28th, 2003! A fine date, indeed. Have fun! Jac

Literature Awards Writing Contest

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