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The PEN/Faulkner Awards

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The PEN/Faulkner Award is a national prize which honors the best published works of fiction by American citizens in a calendar year. Three judges are chosen annually by the Directors of the PEN/Faulkner Foundation to select five books from among the 200 to 300 works submitted. The winning writer receives $15,000 at the award ceremony held at the Folger Library in May; four other nominees receive $5,000 each. The judges generally make their decision about the five finalists in early to mid-March, at which time the names are announced. The "First among Equals" is announced to the press mid-April. These dates vary each year according to the schedule of judging. All five read from their work for approximately five minutes each at the award ceremony.

Anyone may submit a book for consideration. This includes publishers (trade, university, or small presses), agents, and authors.

The rules are simple:

The author must be an American citizen.

The book must be published in the calendar year immediately preceding the year of the award ceremony (the award to be given on May 11, 2002 will be for books published in 2001).

You must send four copies of each book, to the PEN/Faulkner office by October 31. You may send four bound galleys for books which will be published in November and December.

There are no submission fees or application forms.

Contact Information
Janice Delaney, Executive Director, (202) 675-0345
Christy Zink, Writers in Schools Coordinator, (202) 675-0388, Fax (202) 608-1719

Mail to PEN/Faulkner
201 East Capitol Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

The PEN/Faulkner Awards

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