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Kate Greenaway Medal

Winners | About the Greenaway Medal

The Kate Greenaway Medal for Illustrators Winner 2001 (announced 2002) Chris Riddell, has won The Library Association Kate Greenaway Medal for the illustration of Pirate Diary by Richard Platt Hardcover

Kate Greenaway Medal for illustrators

The Youth Libraries Group, a division of The British Library Association, established the Greenaway Medal in 1956.  The medal honors an illustrator of children's books. It is awarded annually for the most distinguished work in the illustration of children's books published in the United Kingdom. The award is presented in July.  The Library Association's Kate Greenaway Medal is considered the top British Children's Book Illustration Award.

From the year 2000 awards and forward, the winner, in addition to the medal, will receive The Colin Mears Award.  This award, 5000 ($7500), was made possible by Colin Mears.   A Worthing based accountant and children's book collector, Colin Mears left a bequest to The Library Association providing every Greenaway winner from 2000 onwards with a cash award as well as the coveted Medal.

Winners of the Kate Greenaway Medal

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Awards are announced in the following year. 2001 is announced in 2002, etc

2001 Chris Riddell for the illustration of Pirate Diary Hardcover by Richard Platt

2000 Lauren Child for I Will Not Ever Never Eat A Tomato Hardcover

1999 Helen Oxenbury for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland | Hardcover | Paperback | Audio Cassette | Audio CD | Audio Download

1998 Helen Cooper for Pumpkin Soup | Hardcover

1997 P. J. Lynch for When Jessie Came Across the Sea | Hardcover

1996 Helen Cooper for The Baby Who Wouldn't Go To Bed | Hardcover

1995 P. J. Lynch for The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey | Hardcover | Hardcover (with CD)

1994 Gregory Rogers for Way Home | Hardcover | Paperback

1993 Alan Lee for Black Ships Before Troy | Hardcover Alan Lee has also illustrated many of  the tales from the Hobbit series of J. R. R. Tolkien.  The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings | DVD | VHS | Audiobook | Hardcover Boxed Set | Paperback Boxed Set | Leather Binding | Audio Cassette | Audio CD | Lord of the Rings Trilogy Audio CD | Lord of the Rings Trilogy Audio Cassette | Lord of the Rings Soundtrack

1992 Anthony Browne for Zoo | Hardcover | Paperback

1991 Janet Ahlberg for The Jolly Christmas Postman | Hardcover

1990 Gary Blythe for The Whales' Song | Hardcover | Paperback

1989 Michael Foreman for War Boy: A Country Childhood | Hardcover

1988 Barbara Firth for Can't You Sleep Little Bear? | Hardcover | Paperback

1987 Adrienne Kennaway for Crafty Chameleon | Out of Print Find it Here

1986  Fiona French for Snow White in New York | Paperback

1985  Juan Wijngaerd for Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady | Out of Print Find it Here

1984  Errol Le Cain for Hiawatha's Childhood | Out of Print Find it Here

1983  Anthony Browne for Gorilla | Hardcover | Paperback

1982  Michael Foreman for Long Neck and Thunder Foot and Sleeping Beauty and other Favourite Fairy Tales | Out of Print Find it Here

1981  Charles Keeping for The Highwayman | Paperback

1980  Quentin Blake for Mr. Magnolia | Hardcover

1979  Jan Pienkowski for The Haunted House | Hardcover

1978  Janet Ahlberg for Each Peach Pear Plum | Hardcover

1977  Shirley Hughes for Dogger | Paperback

1976  Gaile Haley for The Post Office Cat | Out of Print Find it Here

1975  Victor Ambrus for Horses in Battle and Mishka | Out of Print Find it Here

1974  Pat Hutchins for The Wind Blew | Hardcover | Paperback

1973  Raymond Briggs for Father Christmas | Out of Print Find it Here

1972  Krystyna Turska for The Woodcutter's Duck | Out of Print Find it Here

1971  Jan Pienkowski for The Kingdom Under The Sea | Out of Print Find it Here

1970  John Burningham for Mr. Grumpy's Outing | Hardcover | Paperback

1969  Helen Oxenbury for The Quangle Wangle's Hat and The Dragon of an Ordinary Family | Out of Print Find it Here

1968  Pauline Baynes for Dictionary of Chivalry | Out of Print Find it Here Books

1967  Charles Keeping for Charley, Charlotte and the Golden Canary | Rare and Used Books

1966  Raymond Briggs for Mother Goose Treasury | Out of Print Find it Here

1965  Victor Ambrus for The Three Poor Tailors | Out of Print Find it Here

1964  C. Walter Hodges for Shakespeare's Theatre | Out of Print Find it Here

1963  John Burningham for Borka: The Adventures of a Goose With No Feathers | Out of Print Find it Here

1962  Brian Wildsmith for A. B. C. | Hardcover

1961  Antony Maitland for Mr. Cockle's Cat  | Out of Print Find it Here

1960  Gerald Rose for Old Wrinkle and the Seagulls | Out of Print Find it Here

1959  W. Stobbs for Kashtanka and a Bundle of Ballads | Out of Print Find it Here

1958 No award given

1957  V. H. Drummond for Mrs. Easter and the Storks | Out of Print Find it Here

1956  Edward Ardizzone for Tim All Alone | Out of Print Find it Here

Kate Greenaway Medal


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