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Gaylactic Network Spectrum Award

The Gaylactic Network Spectrum Awards were created in 1998 to honor works in science fiction, fantasy and horror which include positive explorations of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered characters, themes, or issues.  The winners are generally announced in October (subject to change). Note

Gaylactic Network Spectrum Awards

Spectrum Awards Finalists 2002

2002 Best Novel: The Song of the Earth, by Hugh Nissenson | Hardcover

2002 Best Short Fiction: Kindred, by Alexis Glynn Latner - from the anthology Bending the Landscape: Horror | Hardcover | Paperback

2002 Best Other Work: Anthology, Bending the Landscape: Horror, edited by Nicola Griffith & Stephen Pagel | Hardcover | Paperback

Spectrum Awards Winners 2001 | 2000 | 1999

Living Out: Gay and Lesbian Autobiographies

The Spectrum Awards are juried with open nominations and are presented in a number of categories, with categories sometimes changing from year to year. The Awards are given in a number of categories - including Best Novel, Best Other Work and Hall of Fame categories.

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About the Spectrums

The Gaylactic Network Spectrum Awards honor works in science fiction, fantasy and horror which include positive explorations of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered characters, themes, or issues.  The Gaylactic Network, the premiere organization for gay and lesbian fandom, decided to create the award because there was no existing avenue for the recognition of outstanding gay-positive work in the genre.

Oftentimes, books and other works can be overlooked - and publishers, authors and artists need to know that their inclusion of gay issues, characters and themes is appreciated.  To date, no award had been developed that specifically honored works for both genre content AND gay content.  Because speculative fiction offers an opportunity to explore complex and sometimes unpopular issues through the distance of other worlds, times and cultures, we hope the award will encourage professionals working in science fiction, fantasy and horror to use the genre to explore characters and issues of importance to the gay community.

The Spectrum Awards will be presented annually and will honor works premiering in the previous calendar year.  In its first year (1999), the Spectrum Awards were presented in three categories. The three categories were: Best Novel, for the best novel; Best Other Work, for the best work in any format other than novel (including movies, TV, short stories, art, gaming materials, etcetera); and Hall of Fame, for a work premiering prior to 1998.  Nominations are open to everyone.

A small Final Judging Committee made up of representatives from the Gaylactic Network and invited professionals will review the three most nominated works in each category along with a limited number of additional titles they have the option of adding.  The Judging Committee will review each work, discuss the nominees, and will make the final selection of winners.  A special Award, The People's Choice, will be given to the single work in any category which receives the most nominations.

Nominees, Finalists and Winners in each category for the Awards will be announced each year as the information becomes available. Information, as soon as it is received,  on the Awards will be posted here.

The Gaylactic Site -  information on nomination procedures, voting procedures, categories and timelines.

For bringing this award to my attention I wish to thank:

Steve Stratton
Social Sciences Librarian
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, Virginia 23284-2033

Gaylactic Network Spectrum Awards


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